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This year let’s take some time to slow down, get to know who you are, embrace and celebrate who we are. Get clear on who you are, not who other people tell you are.

Lisa Bien joined us for another Morning Motivation on how to get to know yourself!

Take Time and Get to Know Who YOU Are

Be the best student and take time to know who you are.

What is YOUR WHY?

Why do you do what you do every day? Reflect on this.

Pay attention to what you are doing and why you do it.

Celebrate Who YOU Are

Use a sticky note, or journal and write down what makes you special or a win.

You can do this daily or weekly, whatever works best for you.

A win can be – a tough conversation, money you saved, look to celebrate you – maybe you said no finally when you usually say yes!

Try YOUR Fun Stuff

Instead of setting goals that may make you frustrated think about what you enjoy and want to add more into your daily routine. When we are doing what we enjoy we smile, we feel better and it produces the life we truly want to live.

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