The sounds of a busy coffee shop have returned to Gladwyne Village Center. Henry Morgan is the chef and owner at the new spot Home Room, which happens to be in the same space where Morgan worked at another coffee shop in his younger days.

“This neighborhood has been lacking for a coffee shop for so long and I think having s public gathering space to kind of bring people back together particularly post-Covid especially,” said Morgan. “I think people are really, no pun intended, thirsty for something to have reopened here.”

The coffee shop also offers unique food options like a shaved fennel salad with Bulgarian Feta or a chicken salad sandwich with Zaatar seasoning.

“We want it to be the kind of place where you can begin, end or spend you’re entire day,” Morgan added. “We already have people that come for coffee they set up their laptop, then they order lunch, then they get their afternoon coffee and then they’re on their way and truly spending their whole day with us, it’s pretty nice.”