Never having to return items yourself again thanks to this new startup company

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Have you ever wonder why ordering online is so easy but returning an items can be a pain? Well thanks to this new startup you will never have to worry about returning items again.

This amazing company is called Returnmates. Returnmates was founded by two friends who were frustrated with their online shopping experiences due to the hassle of online returns. One day, after a 45 minute trip to the post office, they wondered “why don’t we just pick up everyone’s returns?”. The light bulb went off. They called their friends — they all had the same problem. 48 hours later, Returnmates was born.

KTLA Rich Demuro met with the owners in their West Los Angeles headquarters. Here’s how it all works.

First, you start the returns process like you typically would. Amazon is obviously the most popular for online returns, but Returnmates can work with anything that needs to be sent back.

Once you’ve got the return process started, then you go to Returnmates website and schedule a next-day pickup. You can also upload a copy of the return label, a link to it or a QR code.

In the future, Returnmates hopes to be offered as an included part of the returns process for more retailers. The idea that online returns are as easy as online shopping will encourage even more orders.

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