Philadelphia (WPHL)- The Philadelphia 76ers GC won the NBA 2k22 Turn Championship on June 11, 2022, making it the first in franchise history. The Turn Championship is a mid-season tournament where teams compete for a banner and $100,000. Two other tournaments in the NBA 2k League are the Tipoff and the Championships. The Tipoff is a tournament held at the beginning of the season where the winning team takes home $100,000. The Championship is the main tournament where the winners receive rings, trophies, and $650,000.

76ers GC Head Coach Jefferey Terrell, starting center Yusuf Abdulla, and starting point guard Andre Marshall speak with PHL17’s Doc Louallen on what it took to win the Turn Championship, insight on how the NBA 2k League is run, and their journey in the league.

The team finished second place in the Tipoff tournament this season and felt like they had to make a move to get over the hump. Coach Terrell had to make the tough decision of trading his good friend Abdulla.

” This is a guy I go outside with, get a drink, and do activities, we are really good friends, said Terrell. It was a very hard decision to even proposed the trade.”

Luckily for the 76ers GC, the trade never went through because of flawed paperwork done by the team they were going to trade with.

Abdulla was shaken up about the news of him potentially being traded but said he was always raised to stay professional and that good karma will come for doing so.

After retaining Abdulla, the team figured it would be their last time together, so they wanted to make sure they would go out with a bang. The team won the season five NBA 2k22 League Turn Championship. They swept the Wizards District Gaming.

(Left) Yusuf Abdulla (Right) Andre Marshall – Photo cred: Philadelphia 76ers

At the head running things at point guard is second-year player Marshall, who has a promising career ahead. Marshall was the fourth overall pick in the 2021 NBA 2k League draft out of Baltimore, Maryland. He averaged 26 points and 7.8 assists in the tournament.

His goal is to win the Championship Tournament for the team that drafted him. When asked about individual awards, Marshall said, ” I am not here for the individual awards. You guys can have the accolades, I want a ring.”

The team looks to gear up for the Championship Tournament coming up soon. Games are being played to figure out the seeding.