With more than 45 different varieties of apples on site, Highland Orchards Farm and Bakery in West Chester has plenty of options when it comes to its apple pies but there is one in particular that has emerged as the head of the class.

“Consistency. We use the Ida Red at all times that way we don’t have any variations in how the pie will taste,” said employee Michelle Rollman.  “There area several different variety of apples that are great for cooking but if you use each one your pie can turn out different at different times.”

During a busy week, Highland Orchards may churn out close to a thousand pies for their customers but during Thansgiving week that number can skyrocket close to ten thousand.

“I think that people come back for them is the biggest response,” added Rollman.  “They just come back seasonly, Mother’s Day, Easter, oh Thankgiving is insane around here.”