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January is typically Mummers season, but 2021 is different.

Molly and Jozef Jozefowski are celebrating virtually this year. The family is trading in their mumbrellas for masks, to save lives.

As a healthcare worker, Molly has seen firsthand how COVID-19 affects the body. She does hands-on procedures for patients at a pulmonary clinic in Philadelphia. Her job is especially challenging because she works with one of the most at-risk groups for COVID. “Her patient population is 60-plus with breathing problems,” said Jozef.

The family is concerned because Molly is 8 months pregnant.

The recent spike in coronavirus cases forced numerous shutdowns, including putting a halt to Jozef’s job in the film industry and the cancellation of the 2021 Mummers parade. Mummery holds a special place in the couple’s hearts. Jozef is a third generation Mummer and former captain with Golden Sunrise NYA.

Molly was introduced to Mummery through Jozef. “We actually got to know each other. He would pick me up and we would go down to the club and sew and add glitter and do everything that needed to be done for New Year’s day” she said.

The couple fell in love at the clubhouse over arts and crafts and beer. “We had our first kiss on New Year’s Eve. It was fun! We were engaged later that year,” said Molly. They went on to get married and held the reception at the Mummers Museum.

Their favorite Mummer memory was in 2014. Jozef was Captain and Golden Sunrise beat Hog Island to win first place as a club. It had not happened in 5 years! “We kept our faces straight and I was looking sad. Everyone was like, ‘oh no! We lost again! I said, we have to clear off room at the bar because the trophy is coming home. Then, everyone erupted in happiness,” said Jozef.

The family will now pass on the Mummer legacy to their children, Stanley and Mary. They say next year’s parade will be the most intense parade ever!

In the meantime, the couple will patiently await the arrival of their baby and practice their strut for 2022.