Are you stuck on the ‘treadmill of life’? You know, those daily mundane tasks that can take advantage of our life, and make us lose sight of our goals and dreams.

Well motivational speaker, and author, Lisa Bien, joined us on the show this morning with tips on regaining your life balance, and to show us a new method called, “The Circle of You”

All you need to create your own, is a white board, or piece of paper, and a writing utensil.

  1. Draw a circle (This represents You!)
  2. Write you name inside the circle
  3. Draw 6 circles connected the the main circle (Each circle represents an aspect of your life)
  4. Label each circle with aspects that make sense to you (Ex: Health, job, friends, family, volunteerism, spirituality, etc.)
  5. Revisit each circle periodically and check how you are doing with that part of your life.
  6. Take the necessary steps to achieve your goals!

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