All week long we’ve been featuring Eagles fans in our area, and today, Alex Butler may have just found the biggest!

Barry “The Hatchet” Vagnoni is an Eagles superfan from Berks County. For 18 out of his 69 years as a Philadelphia Eagles fan, Barry has been collecting Eagles memorabilia for his home in Reading, PA.

With a 2,000 square foot extension in the back of his home, “The Locker Room” is filled with everything from shoes worn during an Eagles game, to a trophy signed by Nick Foles.

Think you want to visit? You cant! Barry gives out a certain number of exclusive passes to his friends and family only!

Barry’s locker room is the hottest Eagles party on the block, and friends and family have visiting each time the Eagles play for 18 years.

PHL17’s Alex Butler visited the superfan’s ‘Locker Room’ to give us the ultimate Eagles experience!

So in the spirit of Barry and his ‘Locker Room’, GO BIRDS!