Philadelphia (WPHL)- When you were 9 year’s old, you were probably going to Elementary school, going on playdates, and just being a kid.

Well one 9-year-old boy from Bucks County is making his name known as a high school graduate.

Yes, you read that right! 9-year-old David Balogun, from Bucks County, PA, has already graduated from high school.

We had the honor and pleasure to welcome David and his family into the studio this morning to hear all about David’s unique story.

After testing out of his elementary and middle school curriculum, David attended Reach Cyber Charter School in Harrisburg, PA

“I would do the classes online so I would have to put the effort in cause my mom couldn’t just go to the teacher and ask for a 100 percent on my grades, no I had to do the work myself,”, said David.

David’s parents Ronya and Henry Balogun, knew that David was special when he was just a few years old.

“When David was 3 or 4 years old, he knew the solar system by name and could put the planets in order … He was just phenomenal” , said David’s mom, Ronya.

As a high school graduate, David is now starting to take classes at Bucks County Community College in Newtown, Pennsylvania. While this is just a stepping stone, David and his family are making the important decision of which college he will go to.

At his young age of 9-years-old David is already a Dynamic Software Developer at his father’s company ‘Prime Hangout’, which he plans to take over one day. He also has his own company called ‘Website insight’, which is a website development company.

And David’s accomplishments don’t stop here, David says he wants to be an astrophysicist, engineer, software developer, rocket engineer, nuclear chemist, chemist, and a website developer, when he grows up.

We can’t wait to see everything David accomplishes throughout his life, and are proud we had a chance to share his story.