Philadelphia (WPHL)- Philadelphia police arrested a man Friday for allegedly committing three robberies from August 21, 2022, through August 28, 2022, at Gaming Café in Center City.

Kevin Jones, 58, was arrested and will be charged with Robbery, Terroristic Threats, Theft-Unlawful Taking, Conspiracy, VUFA without a License, and Possession of an Instrument of Crime.

According to police, Jones robbed the Café three times with three weapons. The first involved a simulated weapon, the second involved a knife, and the third involved a gun. He stole approximately $1800, a cash register, and beverages from the fridge.

He wore a unique pair of black, gray, white, and orange Adidas sneakers, police said. Jones also had an accomplice with him during two of the robberies.

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The investigation into Jones’s accomplices is ongoing.