Living with a disability can be tough in a world designed for people without disability. But it can be even harder for people who developed a disability later in life.

“It was an interesting process to navigate physically and mentally. There not many people that have late onset paralysis.” Said Christina Mallon. She grew up in Delaware County and went to high school and college outside Philadelphia. But at the start of her successful career in marketing, Christina’s arms slowly became paralyzed. 

“Every year another finger would be affected and then my shoulders and now at the age of 33 my arms are completely paralyzed they believe its due to moto neuron disease but they aren’t sure.” Said Mallon.

Its been challenging navigating the world she once was dominating without the use of her arms.

“I really had to hack my life so I could continue to live.” Said Christina.  She recognized the opportunity to grow awareness and make a measurable impact within the industry.

“I realized disability is something that is designed in the world, we’ve built this culture that didn’t consider disability.” Said Mallon. Disability awareness and inclusion has become her new mission, working with companies like Macy’s IKEA and more recently Microsoft on how to make their customer experiences more inclusive.

“Why don’t I redesign the world. And environment so that it included disability. And I started focusing on inclusive design. “ Said Christina. Her work around inclusive design has received world-wide attention. And she is spreading her message giving talk to companies and schools, including her former high school Merion Mercy. 

“How can you take small steps to be an ally at your school at your job your community even if you don’t have a disability. “ Said Christina Mallon. Now she is adding to her list of achievements and readying herself for her newest role , as a mom.

“Being a woman soon to be a mom and then being a working mom and then wanting to change the world quickly you do get stressed out a lot but I’m lucky I have a supportive team and company and family.” Said Christina Mallon. A mom to a future remarkable woman, like herself.

“I’m so excited to bring a girl into this world and to show that moms come in all different shapes sizes and abilities and that you can do and create successful women as long as you have the tribe.”