Top Tomato has been a go to spot for quick and easy pizza and pasta for years but now the Center City restaurant is spreading its wings. The restaurant is now located on the corner of 11th and Sansom Streets and offers guests two floors of space.

“All along we always wanted to have something like that, downstairs, upstairs, you know dance floor we have a stage for live music,” said part owner Ziggy Nozile. “We were doing it on a smaller scale, now it’s a grander scale.”

While the space now offers customers fun options like a game of darts, shuffleboard or even listening to a DJ, the food is still the main component with more than 30 different pizzas to go plenty of pasta plates and appetizers.

“You can have private parties, you can have a lounge area for bottle service, you have a dance floor when you want to less loose on Friday and Saturday nights, space for corporate events, happy hours, birthdays, endless amount of things,” added part owner Chris Dickson.