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Since 2008, Tiffin Indian Cuisine has been on a mission to bring Indian fare into the spotlight here in the Delaware Valley.

“Indian food has become more mainstream which was our goal, why if Chinese can be there or Mexican or Japanese, why is Indian not in the same conversation or same ballpark?” Said Tiffin CEO Munish Narula. “That was our goal.”

The restaurant chain has always been among the leaders in the area in the number of takeout and deliveries and now they are raising the bar by implementing reusable and trackable food containers. Narula says the idea came from some of his regular customers, who have pushed the concept for years.

“For them they are doing it by choice and they are bringing the containers back and every single comment we’ve had is like this is unbelievable , this is awesome,” added Narula. “We love you guys. Thank you for doing this.”