Community and inclusion are two words that can easily be used to describe the theme at Frieda on Walnut Street in Philadelphia. The restaurant and eatery looks more like an art gallery than a spot to grab a bite to eat and that is by design.

“The idea of Frieda was to create a space to bring people of all ages together,” said cofounder David Wong. “The idea was to create workshops, activities, ways to engage people and the food was never the first thing we had in mind.”

The food has since become a big focus at Frieda with hearty homemade dishes offered as part of its daily meal plan and fresh pastries and jams for those looking add some sweetness to their conversations. More than anything though, Frieda remains a spot that welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds into its doors.

“A safe place,” added Wong. “A happy place home, a home away from home and really a sense of family and community and when people come here we hope that they feel that.”