Hymie’s Deli has been a staple in Montgomery County for more than 60 years and a big part of its continued success comes served in the form of their heaping ten ounce pastrami special.

“Most pastramis use a navel cut with their beef, we use a brisket cut,” said Chef Matthew Curry. “We find when we steam the pastrami it gets a little more tender, it cooks better. It’s just a more accurate way that we like to cook it.”

The sandwich is one of Hymie’s more popular items on the menu and in fact, the restaurant cooks an average of six to seven hundred pounds of the cured and smoked meat each week.

“I like to call it the eyebrow raise,” added Curry. “When people come in for the first time and have pastrami here you know, you look at and go ok we’ve had pastrami but then they bite it and as soon as they bite it you see the eyebrows raise and they go oh this isn’t just pastrami, this is Hymie’s pastrami.”