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Jefferson Hospital is making groundbreaking strides to connect with the Philadelphia art community through it’s new Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center exhibit.  PHL7`s Lauren Berman got a tour of the 55 piece show, “New Urban Optics.”

For the first time in it’s history Jefferson Hospital’s Department of Radiation Oncology is showing the work of local artists. According to Senior Clinical Manager, Daniel Clancy, the innovative exhibit is replacing art that has hung on the walls for nearly a decade.

“Previously we had the portraits of physicians that have retired, old pictures of sceneries, nothing with color,” says Clancy.  “It was always, as we would say, bland. So it’s a huge change for us, here but it’s gone off with a lot of praise. There are a couple exhibits that are made out of duck tape that patients have really stopped and talked about.”

The department partnered with Revolvd, a new start-up company lead by founder and C.E.O., Eric Preisandanz, to present the exhibit. Preisandanz, a native of Philadelphia, created Revolvd less than four months ago to bridge relations between corporations and artists.

“I have so many friends, that are artists, that are looking for visibility,” says Preisandanz. “Often they have large bodies of work that are sitting in their houses.  Also I have always been sort of aware of whatever is hanging in a commercial space, be it a hospital or an office. I thought to meld the two together by helping increase the visibility of my friends and the local artists in Philadelphia, as well as helping commercial spaces get into the community too.”

“New Urban Optics” features the work of Philadelphia based artists, Anthony Torcasio and Justin Rubich. The exhibit runs through July 31, and is the first of three shows Revolvd will create at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center.

“I’m so pleased.” says Preisandanz. “The idea that we can create a dialogue between patients and staff about something that is not their treatment, or not their illness, is what I was really hoping to accomplish and I think we have done that.”

Each exam room features a different painting, including the name of the artist and the piece’s title.

Jefferson Hospital and Revolvd will be hosting an Opening Reception with the artists this Thursday, May 19, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Interested parties can inquire about the pieces on display here.

BY: Lauren Berman/PHL17 News

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