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La Favorite is a classical opera that tells the story of a love triangle between a monk, king, an alluring lover.

Pascal Spinney plays Lenora. It’s the lead character who steals the heart of a king.

“It’s so charged emotionally because we’re feeling love, we’re feeling shame, we’re feeling hurt,” said Spinney. “They called her the favorite and she goes to church where she meets a priest and they fall in love.”

Spinney said it is a powerful lead role.

“This is a huge stretch for me to play such a strong woman,” said Spinney. “I think she’s just this incredible force who has her convictions and lives by them, she’s just not heard until the end.”

Even though the opera is set hundreds of years ago, Spinney says the lustrous plot is a story that people can still relate to today.

“The story itself is something that still happens today. Love triangles happen,” she said. “Breakups and betrayals that’s part of the human condition that I don’t think will ever change.”

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