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Many kids just want to play with the box when they get a new toy, so a new spot in South Philadelphia is just speeding up that process. 

“When children are here and their parents are like its time to go, and they’re crying that’s when I’m happy. I’m like yes, we’re fun” said Tiffany Durkson. 

Durkson recently opened a one-of-it’s kind spot called Playbrary

“I think its a great concept, we get great feedback from the community,” she said. 

Here’s how it works, a kid and their grown-up come to Playbrary on south 33rd street in South Philly. They get a membership for 30 bucks a month, or 15 if their family gets government assistance. Then they can come back as many times as they want and take home up to 100 disposable pieces a month, or they can rent reusable stuff to return after 30 days. 

Playbrary introductory pamphlet

“Toys are one dimensional, like if they see a car, they’re going to use it as a car. If you see a cardboard box, you have markers, you have tape, you’re just going to let you imagination run,” said Durkson. 

Playbrary has everything you can imagine from paper towel rolls, to old buttons, to clips and zips, old games and an entire wall dedicated to the ever fun cardboard box. 

Durkson says the community has been a huge help keeping its shelves stocked. 

“Every second Saturday we accept material donations, we do tours and people can become a member,” she said. “The first second Saturday, we had 300 pounds of donations, and I am currently still weighing the donations from last Saturday.” 

The possibilities are endless, if kids can dream it, they can create it with things they find at Playbrary. 

“Every time a child is in here, its just joy,” said Durkson. 

Playbrary is having it’s official grand opening Saturday, April 9th.