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June is National Men’s Health month – the perfect opportunity to get your health in gear.

Louis Bezich, author of “Crack the Code” has a quick workout plan that you can do right from home. It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete, but will make a significant impact on your fitness.

“Crack the Code” explains 10 proven secrets that motivate healthy behavior and inspire fulfillment in men over 50.

Feeling like you can’t will yourself to get up and pick up those dumbbells every day? Louis shares three of those tips to keep you motivated.

  1. Find your “why” – identify your most valued relationships and your purpose for living healthy.
  2. Integrate your social ambitions with your diet and exercise – walk with your wife, swim with your grandchildren, or eat healthy with your friends.
  3. Have Fun – health and happiness bring fulfillment.

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