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Philadelphia (WPHL)- ESPN’s reporter Adrian Wojnarowski announced Monday that Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic has been named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player for a second consecutive season. Joel Embiid again finishes second behind Jokic in MVP voting for the second successive season.

Embiid, back on April 4, 2022, he doesn’t know what he had to do to win MVP. ” I don’t know what I have to do,” Embiid said of the award via ESPN. ” I’ll feel like they hate me. I feel like the standard for guys in Philly or me is different from everyone else.”

It’s safe to say the voters have something against Embiid. Not only should he have won the trophy this season, but it also shouldn’t have been close.

Embiid had his most healthiest season in his NBA career

One of the main reasons that Embiid did not win the MVP trophy last season was that he missed 31 games. This is understandable since his competition only missed ten games. Embiid missed 14 games this season, and 9 of those games were due to Covid-19. Many of Embiid’s critics only complain about his health; now that he had his healthiest season, he is still overlooked. This goes back to Embiid’s statement saying the NBA voters hate him.

The drama the Sixers team dealt with this season

The Philadelphia 76ers have been a mess this season. Netflix’s camera crew could’ve followed the team around and made a hit series. The team lost their only Point Guard and best defender in Ben Simmons. For the first half of the season, the team had a player collecting money but not playing. They also were the number one seed after the first 14 games until the entire team was hit with Covid-19. Once they finally traded Simmons for James Harden, the group now had to get used to implementing a former MVP. Despite all of that, Joel Embiid and the Sixers finished 4th seed in the East, below three teams who had been together for multiple seasons.

Embiid vs Jokic who had the better season

Jokic had a great season averaging 27.1 points, shooting 58 percent from the field, 13.8 rebounds, and 7.9 assists. These numbers are great, but Jokic is forced to do much for his team because he plays with role players. Voters are simply voting for Jokic because he carries role players to the Playoffs. It is unfair to give someone an MVP trophy because their team is worse, so he has to do more work. Also, Jokic did not get better from last season to this season. If you watch Jokic this season, it is nothing he truly improved. Unlike Embiid, who passed out of double teams better this season, was a better dominant scorer and stayed healthy.

The NBA Playoffs have nothing to do with a regular-season award, but as you can see, the Sixers are a terrible team without Embiid. The Sixers lost both games against the Miami Heat in the semifinals, even with Harden. As soon as he came back not at 100 percent, the team won Games 3 and 4. That is value; that is the best player in the league. Jokic, on the other hand, is playing but losing to the Golden State Warriors 4-1 with Steph Curry coming off the bench.