How often do you do wash your dishes? Do you clean out your freezer?

Well a new study by OnePoll found that in the average household a dirty dish lays untouched in the sink for a day and a half and that the average person has five items in their freezer that have gone unused throughout all of 2022!

“When it comes to washing dishes, 54 percent believe pots and pans should be washed by hand, followed by fine dining ware (46%), glasses (38%), and coffee mugs (37%). Yet it’s not enough to stop the 70 percent who own and use their dishwasher”

When it comes to dishwashers, “respondents say plates (75%), cutlery and utensils (67%), pots and pans (55%), and fine dining ware (37%) all belong on the bottom rack. While the top rack is reserved for coffee mugs (76%), glasses (74%), travel mugs (62%), plasticware (52%), and bowls (43%).”

The survey found that age also plays a factor in how long it’s okay to leave dishes in the sink. “Nearly half (49%) of Gen Z believes it’s okay to leave dishes in the sink for one to four days before adding them to the dishwasher, compared to 52 percent of millennials, 66 percent of Gen X, and 72 percent of baby boomers – who all believe anything longer than a day is too long.”