Iconic Wilmington, Delaware hot spot showcases beefy burgers

PHL17 News

For more than three decades, Kid Shelleen’s in Wilmington, Delaware, has been a community gathering spot in the city’s historic Trolley Square.

“Back then we just said we should be a place where you can get a good glass of wine, a good drink and we kept the simple American menu but with a real focus on quality ingredients,” said owner Xavier Teixido. 

Kid Shelleen’s has also developed a reputation for its hearty burgers, which consist of 10 ounces of grass fed beef in addition to vegan options.

“Over time what we’ve done is grown out the selections,” added Teixido. “We do several different burgers but it’s all the toppings that make it. Right? It’s the different lettuces, it’s attention to the cheeses that you put on it, it’s how you source, how you source and handle it.”


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