Iconic Mummers costume designer creates custom bridal gowns in Delaware County

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Mummers, masks and bridal gowns…no job is too big for Jim May of James May Costume Company.

Located along MacDade Boulevard in Delaware County, May has been in business for over 50 years. He first got involved with the Mummers when he received a call from the Durning String Band for costumes.

“From then on it was one band coming into the other to the other where we actually started doing half of the string band division,” said May.

May created thousands of Mummers costumes over the years and is still involved in a smaller role today.

During the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, May and his wife made and donated over 5,000 masks.

“Once I kind of laid back on the masks. They didn’t really need them anymore. They had plenty and I thought ‘Well what am I going to do with my time now?’ I started making gowns.” 

May is technically retired, but this hasn’t stopped him from making over two dozen, one-of-a-kind bridal gowns.

“If you come in and you say ‘Jim I like the bottom of that dress but I like the top of that one. I like this and that.’ You can do whatever you want. I could sit down with a pencil and paper and make it to your satisfaction.”

May is still in the process of designing these gowns. If you’re interested in making an appointment with him, you can call his shop at (610) 532-3430.

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