Hard to believe it’s almost time for back to school!

Child development specialist and author Deborah Farmer Kris shared tips to get your child back into the school mindset as well as book recommendations to help prepare them for the new year.

Deborah’s first tip is to talk with your child about what the school year will look like.

“They might have questions that are not your questions. They might be wondering how does the lunch line work, how I’m getting to school, what I’m packing in my backpack so really talking it through is key.”

Deborah also said it’s important to start those back to school routines a little bit earlier.

As far as book recommendations, Deborah listed her top picks for kids’ summer reading that encourage learning in STEM. Those books include It’s a Numbers Game! Football, The Street Beneath My Feet, Counting on Katherine and You Wonder All the Time.

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