Many Instagram users are being hacked all over the U.S. at a rapid rate. Many are not understanding how they were hack and others are scared that they will be hack next.

This new hack scheme is not someone who is hacking Instagram coding and changing your personal information. Instagram users are getting hacked by clicking links and and texting unauthorize numbers.

You may have notice your friend or family members posting something very unusual about making a profit of $20,000 by just investing $500. If you see this then that user has been hacked and you should unfollow or block them immediately.

It all starts once someone you may know DM’s you on Instagram saying ” Hey can I send you a link.” That being someone you follow and may trust you may not think nothing of it. Once you click that link you are giving up all your information to that hacker, According to multiple hacked users.

Example of someone who has been hacked and now the hacker is promoting false information to scam people

Once hacked the hacker will post on your page and DM your followers trying to get money from them. Now that the hacker has full control of your page he will scam users using your account.

Devonte Brown, a student at Delaware State University was hacked in this fashion and wanted the world to know his agony on losing his account in a matter of seconds.

” I direct messaged someone my number and once they text me, I accidentally clicked a link, Brown said. In seconds I lost all my access to my account.”

The hacker will make a post saying “Hey guys I invested $500 and in a couple days I made $10,000.” Now your followers will see that and think it’s legit but it’s not. The hacker will then send their cash app and receive the $500 your follower wanted to invest.

Your follower who only did the investment because they trust you is now being scammed out of $500 and now will hate you for it.

Best advice will be to make a new Instagram to let everyone know you have been hacked and that your old page is not you. You should get everyone you know to report the page and also text everyone you know and warn them about this hacker/scammer.

In rare cases their has been some users so desperate not to lose their money they start actually working with the hacker once they realized it is not the person they knew.

Once you have been scammed, the hacker will tell you to make a video and use the caption they are providing you with. This is blackmail! Do not take this offer if you have been scammed. You will not get your money back and you will be scamming your followers.

This is someone who has been scammed. They have been blackmailed to make a video and to use this caption.

This is very simple, if you do not want to be be hacked do not click on any links from a user that has “Fx or forex, or fx0” in their bio or page. Just to be safe do not click any links period without reason. If you don’t want to be scammed stop believing you are going to make quick money overnight or in your sleep. Anytime someone tells you that it is a scam.

Forex is a real trading market but some people are using the name to hack users. You cannot join Forex but you can trade with Forex. Do not believe anyone who says you have to pay first to learn a “method”, that is a scam.

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