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Philadelphia (WPHL)- In 2021, the gun violence crisis in Philadelphia devastated many Philadelphians. A total of 562 people were murdered, the most in the city’s history.

We must find a way to lower the crimes that turn into murders, such as carjacking, to stop the trend. According to police, there were 750 carjackings in all of 2021. So far this year in 2022, there have been 91 carjackings already, police say.

On Thursday, January 13th, 2022, a 16-year-old boy was shot three times after trying to carjack a 60-year-old man in West Mount Airy, police say. According to detectives, the boy is fighting for his life at Einstein Hospital.

The man was not hurt, and police say he has a permit to carry a gun. No arrests have been made, but two weapons have been recovered.

This incident is an example of how locals will see this situation and feel they must carry a gun to stay safe in the city. More guns on the street will mean more murders and more innocent people dying from improper use of a lethal weapon.

Instead of the public adding to the cause out of fear, we need to be more cautious of our surroundings and start acting like we are in Philadelphia, not Beverly Hills.

Rule number one: Anyone can be a carjacker if you give them the opportunity. Most carjackers in Philadelphia are just “thugs” who see a vulnerable civilian and want an easy payday. You can not just look at someone and think he won’t take your vehicle. Do not judge. Just be smart.

Do not sit in your car for an extended period. You never know who is watching you and many “thugs” may think you are someone who may be a threat to them. The longer you wait the more paranoid you make someone.

You want to avoid a situation where someone will approach you.

With that being said, do not get out of your car and be so loud on the phone or blasting music. All eyes on you will certainly bring unwanted attention. Philadelphians tend not to like arrogant people, so they will say something to you to see what you are about.

Know your neighborhoods and talk to nobody. It is not very smart for you to go anywhere not knowing the neighborhood’s history. ” If you not from here, do not come here” is a legendary saying that most neighborhoods abide by. If you are an unfamiliar face and decide to get gas can be extremely dangerous.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle M. Outlaw also gave tips on how to stay safe from carjackers.

This increase is not all for the people of Philadelphia. Instead, most blame should be put on whoever is responsible for upgrading the streets.

So many potholes in Philadelphia, narrow streets, and not enough street lights. There are blocks so little that cars have to park on the sidewalk. Some blocks are meant for a two-way, but it is so tiny it looks like a one-way.

The city is filled with potholes and bumps. Imagine how scary it would be to catch a flat tire in a neighborhood you are unfamiliar with.

Finally, the street lights are not bright enough or just broken often. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, broken street lights ballooned from 900 a month to 3000 since July 2021.

As a city, it’s a lot to do, but if we find solutions for crimes like carjacking, we can lower the number of homicides in the city.