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A North Philadelphia Latin music school will reopen it’s doors on Tuesday, October 12.

AMLA at Esperanza has remained closed since the start of the pandemic. The school tried to stay afloat with online classes, but had little success and lost most of it’s students.

“Without the hands on approach, without having someone there with you it just made it difficult and a lot of the young people in our community don’t have access to strong wifi,” said Daniel De Jesus, AMLA’s music education and community relations director .

De Jesus was hired over the summer and he has big plans for the future of AMLA, but one thing that will remain the same, is the focus on Latin music.

“Part of AMLA’s mission is to create an environment of cultural heritage preservation. To also create a space where young people can not just learn how to play this music, but can learn where it came from and their connection to that in terms of their cultural heritage,” said De Jesus.

Starting October, 12 AMLA will once again offer in-person private music lessons at low cost. Students of any age can receive instruction for piano, bass, guitar, percussion and strings.

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