Hispanic Heritage Month: Local Business Gets a Boost from Hispanic Chamber

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As Philadelphia’s Hispanic population grows so do Hispanic businesses. That’s where the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce steps in to help.

It may not look like much now, but this space is on its way to becoming a start up distillery in Kensington called Striver’s Row.

“So I’ve always appreciated that name as an immigrant, I believe we all come here to strive and build cool things.” Said Francisco Garcia. He started distilling whiskey as a hobby but quickly found success bottling and selling his product. “The median in Philadelphia has been very supportive of a new Latin-based product and so pretty quickly I decided to expand.”

As his business expanded quickly, he looked to the chamber of commerce for guidance and enrolled in one of its small business management courses called accelerate.

Reading about different insight and working with the other small business owners which I think is going to be the most valuable part.” Said Francisco Garcia.

“When they complete the management program, they are able to develop a network, they are able to do business with each other and they are ready to do business with Philadelphia as a whole.” Said Javier Suarez of the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He thinks programs like Accelerate help Latin x businesses navigate through some of the challenges they may face. “Running a business is difficult certainly. In our community, there are perhaps additional challenges like languages.”

But as advocates of Hispanic business, the chamber is proud of it accelerate graduates and students like Francisco and Striver’s Row Distillery.

“He’s bringing about an idea a vision and bringing it out to a market our role is support him in any way we can be of service to him.” Said Javier Suarez.

“We don’t build these businesses on our own the community helps us sell the product and improve it and grow into businesses that employ others and stay connected to that community.” Said Francisco Garcia.

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