Physician Assistant and Culinary Medicine Specialist Jessica DeLuise gives five tips for a safe and healthy Halloween.

First up, hand washing and hand sanitizer. If using hand sanitizer, Jessica recommends using one that is over 60% alcohol if it’s alcohol-based.

Next, inspect your kids candy.

“Make sure it has not been tampered with, nothing with holes or looks like it’s been opened and re-closed. AFC Urgent Care is x-raying candy for free.”

AFC Urgent Care has locations in Conshohocken, Roxborough, Torresdale, Northen Liberties and Cheltenham.

Third, wear appropriate clothing for the weather.

“Bring something with you to bundle up. Temperatures can drop the later it gets into the evening.”

Jessica also recommended wearing reflective clothing or glow sticks.

Fourth, consider saving some of your candy for a later day.

“Choose the ones that you love, eat those and then use arts and crafts for the upcoming Thanksgiving or other holidays.”

Finally, stay hydrated.

You can find Jessica on social media at @thewellnesskitchenista.