Helping Students Transition back into the Classroom after Months of Virtual Learning

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Most children have not entered a classroom since the start of COVID-19, which means returning back to school for some children may bring on a sense nervousness or even anxiety.

Life coach and Motivational Speaker Lisa Bien joins us with a few tips to ease your children into the school year.

Tip 1: Let your Kids Know its Okay to Ask for Help

  • Its important to have conversation and to remind each other that we are all going through this together.
  • Check in with children throughout the semester/school year.

She put emphasis on “its okay not to be okay.” This not only goes for children but for parents as well.

Tip 2: Celebrate the Personal Resilience Students have Shown

  • Acknowledge the effort students have already put forth.
  • Teach resiliency and the power of bouncing back everyday/ Explain to students that things are slowly bouncing back.

Tip 3: Be Present and Participate

  • Tell students/children to get engaged in the classroom
  • When participating in activities the classroom becomes a family/community.

Tip 4: We all Need Patience and Grace

  • Patience and grace is needed with ourselves and each other.
  • Be patient, kind, and extend grace towards one another while we all work through different experiences surrounded by the pandemic.

If you would like to see Lisa Bien in person, she will be emceeing a mental health and positivity experience virtual workshop. A link for more information is here.

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