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Finding yourself and your child in a “sandwich burnout?” Registered Dietitian Caroline Eisenberg has some healthy back to school lunch ideas that your kids will actually want to eat!

Lunch boxes have come a long way since you were a kid. Caroline brought along a Bento Box, which has multiple compartments to hold different foods.

“They’ve been around for a little while. This is great if you want to increase variety in your little one’s diet. You can really make endless combinations, use what you have on hand.”

Caroline talked about the benefits of using leftovers aside from cutting back on food waste. Using what you have on hand from the night before saves mom and dad time and money.

Peanut butter is a big no in schools nowadays, but if you still want to pack the kids a classic sandwich, try out sunflower butter. It’s similar to peanut and almond butter, but avoids affecting those with allergies.