Healthy food options for healthy skin

PHL17 News

In-Store Dietitian for Weis Markets of the Lehigh Valley Lyndi Wieand is back with healthy foods for healthy skin!

November is healthy skin month and food can play a big role in skin health.

“There are many types of foods that will provide us with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats so these are types of nutrients that our skin needs to stay thick, moisturized and looking healthy,” said Lyndi.

A lot of these nutrients are found in foods that are yellow, orange, red and green! Four great options for skin health include fatty fish like salmon, red grapes, avocados and tomatoes.

“If you have a diet that has highly-refined flours, some added sugars, some saturated fats…those are types of nutrients that might not have a good effect on your skin. They might actually cause premature aging.”

For more information, visit Weis Markets website.

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