Havertown to Honor 9-11 First Responders at Music Fest

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It’s been almost two whole years since Haverford township has had a music festival due to the Pandemic, so the Kelly music center in Havertown thought the first event back should be special.

“We love how it brings the community together and gives them something to celebrate. I feel like we are coming out of a pandemic and we are safe enough. “Said Tom Kelly of Kelly Music Center and founder of First Fest.

Presenting the Haverford First fest, marking the 20th anniversary of September 11th by honoring first responders. 

“The first responders stepped up and continue to step up for us, it should always be remembered.” Said Tom Kelly.

First fest will have your typical music festival activities like beer garden, kids’ activities and of course, live music but each performer has ties to first responders like Scott McClatchy who watched the twin towers fall from his apartment.

“It looked like a scene from every apocalyptic movie ever.” Said Scott McClatchy.  

In the days following Sept 11, Scott volunteered at Pier 17 serving food and said he witnessed some of the most beautiful acts of kindness.

“When we were on that boat when we were at ground zero, it didn’t matter who you were, everyone was there for one single purpose. And I saw acts of human endurance and human kindness that I will never forget.” Said Scott.

He saw firsthand the strength and resilience and believes festivals and memorials like first fest keep that spirit alive. 

“It’s just a chance for people to be together which is what happened on sept 12; people came together, people healed. “ Said Scott.

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