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New construction is popping up all over the Delaware Valley, but the Greater Philadelphia Preservation Alliance is focusing on turning what the city already has into new and beautiful spaces.

One of those is the parking garage that used to stand on the corner of 22nd and Pine- now it’s a Goddard School, filled with life, color and happy children.

The organization is making sure to keep the history while remodeling.

“We knew we couldn’t just do anything,” said architect Mario Zacharjasz. “We had to pay close attention to the building.”

Zacharjasz modeled the windows after the design in an archival photo of the property.

These renovations aren’t going unnoticed. The Greater Philadelphia Preservation Alliance has been honoring the projects for the past 28 years.

“Behind all that grit and grime is a beautiful building,” said Paul Steinke, executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Preservation Alliance. “If we can find a new use for it, we can make it into something really special.”

The 2021 Preservation Achievement Awards will be held virtually on June 9th.

You can learn more and buy tickets by clicking here.