Mayoral Candidate Cherelle Parker has casted her vote on Election Day.

PHL17 was in attendance as Democratic hopeful, Cherelle Parker, made her way into the Masjidullah Center for Human Excellence mosque in West Oak Lane to cast her vote.

Prior to casting her ballot, Parker took a few moments to speak to the press and spread gratitude for the “village” of people supporting her.

“Anyone who’s watching her today you need to know I don’t arrive here today by myself. I didn’t pull myself up by my bootstraps, there was a village and a community of people who lifted me up. They continue to lift my son up, and his grandmother and godmother. All of these people who are here are how I make it every day So when you hear me and you see me say that I’m not a superwoman, you know these are the people that just make me look real super”, said Parker.