It’s just hours away until Governor-elect Josh Shapiro get’s sworn in as Pennsylvania’s newest governor.

Shapiro will be Pennsylvania’s 48th Governor, but is no stranger to the world of politics.

According to information by PHL17’s partner station, ABC27, Shapiro was the first freshman-elected student body president at the University of Rochester. Shapiro then worked as a staffer at the Capitol in Washington D.C. during his time at Georgetown Law. After his graduation, he moved to Harrisburg where he later won a seat in the Pennsylvania State House in 2004.

In 2011, Shapiro returned home to Montgomery County where he was elected to the Montgomery County Commissioners while Democrats took control for the first time in the county’s history.

By 2016, Shapiro was running again, this time for attorney general. Shapiro defeated Republican Senator John Rafferty after receiving 3.4 million votes, the most in Pennsylvania history.

Shapiro won reelection in 2020, but was on the campaign trail again in 2021, this time for governor.

Shapiro, once again, got three million votes as he defeated Republican Doug Mastriano by 14 percentage points.

PHL17’s Jennifer Lewis-Hall spoke to Professor Alain Sanders with information about the new governor and what Pennsylvanians should expect when he gets sworn in.