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Christmas is around the corner and if you’re still looking for gifts that don’t break your budget we’ve got some last minute ideas that really aren’t about buying gifts at all.

Joining Jennifer Lewis-Hall with some nice ideas that allow you to save some money, have fun and spend time with family is author and coach Kate Butler.

Butler says it’s all about creating an experience with your family.

“Put your kids in the car, grab some hot chocolate, get them in their pjs and go around and look at the Christmas lights. Really create an experience.”

She also talked about tradition and the gift of giving books. Something that will last a lifetime.

“This is a children’s book that actually shows the child how to identify their own inner magic inside and bring that out to share with the world.”

Butler talks about being on a mission. Save Christmas with kindness.

“So elves are a big thing these days, right? And so we have a kindness elf in our house, as well. Our children get a kindness mission where they’re able to be nice to their friends.”

Lastly, she explained “moments to remember”, or whatever you decide to call it. A memory jar or jar reflecting some of the experiences that you plan to have in the future.

“Jotting down a memory and putting it in the jar and then on New Years Eve reading all of the memories throughout the year and being able to re-live all of the special moments that your family and you have created together.”