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April 15th is just days away. Have you filed your taxes yet?

If you’re a last-minute filer, the first step to getting done on time is getting organized.

Even if you have already gotten everything for this tax season completed, now is the perfect time to start getting ready to make next year a breeze!

Kelly Creed Galfand from Joy In Your Space LLC Home Organizing joined us in studio to teach us some of her best tips and tricks for organizing your paperwork.


  • Systems Save Time AND Cut Stress – Anything that happens on a repeat basis deserves a thoughtful routine.
  • Learn From Your Mistakes – Gather receipts and statements in one location. “Tax Season” is for filing…not compiling; file receipts on a monthly basis.
  • Follow “In One – Out One” – Celebrate your freedom to shed the past and plan a shredding party for your support documents!

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