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A group effort among great friends is bringing attention back to a familiar name in cuisine in southern New Jersey. Since 2015, Chubby’s Steakhouse in Gloucester City is operating using a name that was a longtime fixture in the Camden area.

“The name was already established and we really had to do it justice so in tribute to the history of Chubby’s we did,” said part owner Tom Monahan. “We created a steakhouse with the right menu, the right chefs. It worked out really well.”

Monahan and his two lifelong friends Tom Page and Larry Spera reactivated the Chubby’s name with the state of New Jersey and have created an art-deco space that incorporates mid twentieth century history and fine dining.

“Obviously we’re like brothers and so what all comes with brothers we work it through and we all have our different ideas of how things should be but then we all kind of coordinate and agree and come to a sort of compromise and it’s worked out well,” added Spera.

The effort is a part of the Gloucester City revitalization plan and the trio is now considering additional projects to bring to the area.