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Diane Jones loves her family. Her oldest son is 23, her oldest daughter is 18 and then there’s 14 year old Nicoletta.

Jones thought she was done growing her family after that, but life took a different turn.

“I became a CASA which is a court appointed advocate for kids in foster care. I did that for a couple years and kind of thought our family was a really good fit to be a foster family,” said Jones.

So, she and her husband became licensed foster parents.

“Our second placement was our son Jaden who we took home from the hospital and he’s been with us ever since,” said Jones.

After adopting Jaden, Jones still wasn’t done. 

“We fostered a couple other children in between him and a couple years after we adopted Jaden we got a phone call that his biological cousin was in care and asked us if we’d be willing to foster him and we did and ended up adopting him as well,” she said.

Once cousins, Jaden and Charles are now brothers, but as you’ve probably guessed by now, Jones still didn’t stop there. 

“This past summer we got a phone call that Jaden and Charles’s biological cousin also needed a home and she came to us at three days old and we’re in the process of adopting her,” said Jones.

In case you lost count, Jones and her husband now have six kids, but over they’ve cared for even more.

They’ve raised 13 kids all together by either having them biologically, or by fostering or adopting them. 

“I just feel like it’s what we do, its just part of us,” she said.

Now Jones is squeezing her family a little tighter. This summer, the 40-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer during her very first mammogram. 

“It really put a lot of things into perceptive as to what was important and what I thought was important,” she said.

Now her kids are stepping up for her.

“She always there for everyone, and I feel like she keeps going even when she’s having a hard time just to make sure everyone else is ok,” said her daughter Nicoletta Jones.

“Everybody pitches in,” said Diane Jones. “The boys, they are younger but they know that mommy is sick and sometimes I can’t do everything that I used to be able to do.”

Jones’s doctors say after more chemo, treatments and surgery, she will likely be ok. 

“I’m going to survive, I’m going to thrive, after having breast cancer,” she said.

And the skies the limit after that.

“We went from three kids, to six kids,” said Jones. “I think we’re done, but who knows? Never say never at this point.”