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Philadelphia (WPHL)- A former New York stripper is running as a Democratic candidate for Congress in Philadelphia’s 3rd District,

Alexandra Hunt, 28, wants to show Philadelphia voters in the 3rd district that she is not scared to speak up for the people. Hunt spoke to the Philadelphia Democratic Committee on Saturday, knowing they wouldn’t endorse her.

” The people in this district deserve someone who shows up, especially when it is difficult, Hunt said. Someone who isn’t afraid of the powerful.”

Hunt is an advocate for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice. She became very passionate about these concerns when she attended a suburban school while living in the inner city of Rochester, New York.

Due to her past, Hunt knows some people will be leery of giving her a chance, but she is determined to finish this race hard.

It was there she said she noticed the inequity in available resources, education, housing, and job opportunities between the suburbs and the city.

According to her website, Hunt fell in love with Philadelphia after she graduated from Temple University with a Master of Public Health degree. She was a stripper in college to pay for her needs as a student.

” I’ve been a stripper. I’m a sexual assault survivor. And I’ve had an abortion, Hunt said. My story is also the story of so many others. Never again will they be able to force us to live in the shadows, in shame for our lived experiences.”

Hunt embraces her past to show she is human. She wants to show others that your past shouldn’t define the person you are today.

Now she is trying to be the voice of a district with some recent trouble.

She talks about many issues ranging from women’s rights, racial justice, housing as a human right, education reform, and more. However, one issue you often do not see or hear about is black reparations.

Hunt is pushing for reinvestment of 15 billion dollars in Black America. She says this money is overdue because the United States never delivered it to the descendants of enslaved people who suffered generations of compounding impact of national failure.

Hunt says, “This money will go towards re-establishing the Office of Freedman Affairs, which will lead to further developments to close the racial wealth gap of $14-16 trillion.”

Hunt’s campaign believes investing in the black community ultimately helps bolster the United States of America.

On Hunt’s website, it states, “The Office of Freedman Affairs will be endowed with the resources to help Black Americans learn about their lineage and ancestry, but efforts will not end there. The office will also be empowered to collect data on black-owned businesses and businesses that employ a high percentage of black Americans so that Federal contracts can be steered towards those businesses as well. It will also be charged with helping black Americans with full exercise of their rights – from help with voting to collecting other benefits for which they qualify.”

The 3rd Congressional District of Pennsylvania primary is scheduled for May 17, 2022. While the general election is scheduled on November 8, 2022.

Incumbent Dwight Evans, Michael Cogbill, Alexandra Hunt, and Melvin Prince Johnson are running in the Democratic primary for PA-03.