It’s a new year and with that comes changes! If you’re looking for a new job, don’t fret.

Human resources experts report nearly half of Americans will look for a new job during the next 6 months.

Leadership Consultant, and Founder of “One Bold Move a Day”, Shanna Hocking, joined us on the show this morning with her expert job searching tips.

Here’s how to succeed at your job search:

1. Quantify details on your resume: Your resume should tell the story of your career with numbers whenever possible. Share how you positively influenced and affected the company – Make sure to quantify every aspect of this that you can. 

2. Reach out for informational interviews: An informational interview is your chance to learn about different careers and industries. It can show you what you do want to do – and what you definitely don’t want to do. Come prepared with a list of questions, and send a thank you note afterward.

3. Apply even if you’re not fully qualified for a job. This tip is for women in particular – don’t decide for the employer if you are qualified, let them decide.Make the case in your cover letter why you believe you can do the role. It’s the company’s job to choose the best person for the role – and it’s your job to give yourself the opportunity to be considered.

4. Update your LinkedIn profile. The first thing most employers will do is to check you out on LinkedIn: What they see is up to you! By updating your LinkedIn profile with your experience, skills, and special projects, you have the opportunity to highlight what you want people to think about you. It’s your chance to frame yourself as a great candidate for a specific industry or role. 

5. Use the Bold Move Mindset on your job search: The Bold Move Mindset will carry you through your job search and stay with you once you land your new job!

  • Gratitude Mindset
  • And Mindset
  • Happiness Mindset
  • Progress Mindset

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