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Katie Kleiger plays Miri in the play “Everything is Wonderful”. It tells the story of an Amish family who deals with a tragic accident, the return of home of one of their daughters, and an outsider coming into their community.

“The entrance of these two outsiders essentially into their family and kind of what that does to disrupt the family and the dynamics of the community,” said Kleiger.

Kleiger’s character, Miri, is a 25 year-old ex-Amish woman who Kleiger calls intelligent and outspoken.

“She has an event happen in her early 20s that really kind of disrupts and changes her and I think a big part of her trajectory is healing or attempting to heal from that,” said Kleiger.

Healing is a big part of Miri’s story.


“The family describes the light she had fading, and I think a lot of the story is her re-igniting or redefining,” said Kleiger. “Mary is flawed like the rest of us and her attempts to heal are just so relatable.”

Kleiger says that emotions run deep in the play, but so does hope.

“The idea and hope is that you will go through this journey with 6 humans and it is journey that involves tragedy and healing. The audience will leave with feeling that healing is possible,” said Kleiger.