DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa (WPHL) — The hit and run driver accused of fatally killing the daughter of a Delaware County police officer, has finally been charged.

Authorities say 31-year-old Domair Lee Brown was apprehended for the fatal hit and run of 27-year-old Ashley McLean, and will be arraigned today, September 14.

Police say the hit and run occurred on August 26 at 2:30 a.m. when Ashley McLean crossing 84th Street and Lindbergh Boulevard on her way home in Southwest Philadelphia.

At the time a witness had told Folcroft Police Officers that the striking vehicle was a “newer model silver colored Honda sedan with New York registration plate LDM-2367”.

The witness also told police that a red colored Infiniti sedan stopped at the scene of the fatal accident, potentially took a picture of the crash scene, and then left after being confronted.

While Sharon Hill Police Officers where on the scene of the crash, a female named Monia Taabon called a Delaware County 911 dispatch center and reported her rented 2023 Honda Accord Sedan with New York Plates LDM-2367 as stolen. At the time, Tabon told officers that she was in Miami Florida but made the discovery that her car was stolen through her Google app and informed officers that the car was no longer parked at “her Aunt’s house”.

Later on that morning at approximately 8:30 a.m., the silver 2023 Honda Accord was located by a Tinicum Township Police Officer in the parking lot of the Pennrose Plaza at 2900 Island Ave in Philadelphia. The vehicle had heavy front-end damage and a broken front windshield on the drivers side. The vehicle also had blood on the driver side of the trunk, police said.

At 9:55 a.m. a Sharon Hill Police Detective began investigating how the vehicle was stolen and arrived at a residence on Greenwood Rd, where the vehicle was supposedly parked prior to it being stolen. When asked, the residents inside the home told officers that they have never heard of Monia Tabon nor seen a silver Honda Accord with New York tags parked outside their home.

The next day at 11:55 p.m., Monica Tabon was taken into custody at the Philadelphia International Airport for falsely reporting to law enforcement. During her interview with police, Tabon told officers that she with Brown all day on August 24 and that she was dropped off at the airport by Brown on the evening of August 25. Tabon informed officers that she had left her vehicle in Brown’s possession while she was away in Florida.

Police then called in Tabon again on August 29 for a secondary interview where they later learned that she had been in a relationship with Brown since July 2023 and that on the night of the fatal hit and run Brown had contacted her and told her to report the car as stolen to police. When Tabon tried to get more information from Brown she was met with little to no information.

Officers then began investigating the witnesses report of the red sedan which stopped at the scene of the hit and run. Officer’s learned that the car was currently being rented by Brown’s friend Joshua Howard who was driving behind Brown on the night of the fatal accident.

After investigating other leads, officers learned that Brown was driving under the influence of Marijuana and alcohol on the night of the accident after he had left a friend’s birthday party.

Now that Brown is in custody he is being charged with Homicide By Vehicle, Homicide By Vehicle While Driving Under The Influence, Accidents Involving Death Or Personal Injury, False Report, Tamper With/Fabricate Physical Evidence, and Criminal Use Of Communication Facility.

According to court records his arraignment was scheduled for noon and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 27.