With dropping temperatures and shorter days, it might be harder for you to fall asleep in the evening.

Well according to experts, putting a Christmas tree in your bedroom might help!

Carl Walsh, resident sleep specialist and owner of Bed Guru found that putting your Christmas tree in your bedroom will have some hidden benefits you didn’t know about.


1. Green is a soothing color and reminds you of nature

“It’s good to consider what colors you’re using in the bedroom to ensure your brain is telling your body to release the right hormones that will put your body into a sleepy state… Generally, green is a color known to be good for relaxation and promoting good quality sleep as it is a non-stimulating color, especially softer shades of green.”

2. Christmas trees promote feelings of nostalgia

“For most of us, all the Christmas festivities, decorating and the day itself is a key memory from our childhood. It’s a time we associate with childhood happiness and excitement. Christmas festivities give you a reason to step away from your responsibility, become a child again and just relax and have fun. Clearing your mind in this way will help you sleep more soundly at night.”

3. The bright colors produce happy hormones

“As with colours in the bedroom, our brain responds to our visual surroundings. So, when you’ve decorated for Christmas, the bright colours help promote the release of happy hormones.”

So whether you opt for a real tree or an artificial tree, grab an extra one to put in your bedroom.