Do you call out sick from work when you’re not feeling well?

Well according to a new survey conducted by OnePoll, nearly half of Americans feel bad calling out of work when they’re sick.

In a survey of 200 American adults, 36% of Gen-Z and 45% of millennials were found to be the most likely to call in sick at work, while older generations like 30% of Gen-X and 47% of baby boomers were more willing to work through their illness.

The survey also stated that the Coronavirus pandemic has forced people to be more concious of their health than in previous years.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to be more conscious of their health. (Credit: Zicam)

Post-pandemic, 64% people are more likely to cancel plans if they feel sick, while 60% still feel bad canceling their plans.

From the moment they show a single symptom, 74% claim they’ll do everything in their power to prevent themselves from getting sick. 

Let us know what you think on social media, would you call in sick or would you rather just go to work sick?