World Locations (WPHL)- McDonald’s is looked upon as the King of the fast-food industry. Many Americans, however, blamed the franchise for making people obese according to documentaries such as “Super Size Me,” which highlighted that eating McDonald’s for a month can cause severe issues for your health. To McDonald’s credit, they implemented many healthy choices to their menu over the years.

Despite the bad, McDonald’s still made roughly 22 billion in 2021 in total revenue, according to Macrotrends.

Considering everything you know about the restaurant, will you go inside and enjoy a meal if they had a complete makeover in terms of building design? Well across the globe there are McDonald’s that do not look like the one in your neighborhood.

Here are eight amazing looking McDonalds across the globe that you probably never seen:

Which one would you like to see in the Tri-State area?

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