People with diabetes have to watch their salt intake a little bit more closely than the average person.

According to research by Diabetes U.K., people with diabetes are at more risk of being affected by high blood pressure, increasing the risk of things like heart disease, kidney disease, and strokes. Because of that, keeping track of your salt intake is extra important for people who suffer from diabetes.

Major salty foods to be aware of include processed foods, salty meats, canned foods, cheese, pickles, and condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise.

To limit salt in what you eat, Diabetes U.K. said you should start by measuring exact amounts and limiting the salt you put on food instead of measuring in shakes. In addition, try cooking from scratch more often and look for packages that indicate reduced salt levels. In general, try and buy the reduced-salt version of your favorite foods instead of the regular version.

What about seasoning? Diabetes U.K. also gave some suggestions on what to replace salt with. Their recommendations include paprika or pepper on potatoes, lemon and herbs on white fish, garlic and butter on pasta, and thyme and sage on turkey.

Though diabetics are at higher risk for salt-related ailments, salt has not been shown to increase blood glucose levels.