Constructed in the mid eighteenth century, the Brandywine Inn located in Chadd’s Ford, Delaware County was designed to give guests a welcoming experience with good food and good times. Today, Brandywine Prime has taken over the spot but the homey atmosphere lives on.

“It was first constructed to be used as an inn and although today we don’t have guests stay overnight we still provide food, beverage and hospitality that was first thought of over 200 years ago here,” said owner and chef Michael Majewski.

Plates like the eight ounce prime seared filet with asparagus or beef tar tar steal the show at Brandywine Prime but visitors can just as easily snack on a sandwich or handheld like the bourbon braised bacon cheeseburger.

“There are a lot of choices for people to dine these days and we really appreciate and are happy the guests choose to dine with us and we want them to feel that we care when they’re finished with their experience here,” added Majewski.