Dating a Friend Could make for a Better Relationship

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Love at first sight may be an exciting concept but it turns out most people in relationships are drawn to someone they have already considered a friend first.

According to a new study released by the Social Psychological and Personality and Personality Science, two-thirds of romantic relationships start out as just friends. The team analyzed data from just under 2,000 university students and crowdsourced adults, with 66 percent reporting that their current or most recent romantic relationship began as a friendship. This held true across gender, level of education, or ethnic groups, but the rate of friends-first initiation was even higher among 20-somethings and within LGBTQ+ communities, with 85 percent of such couples beginning as friendships.

Adding to the statistics in favor of friend first relationships, nearly 50 percent of those surveyed said that beginning as friends was their preferred way of developing a romantic relationship.

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